Academy of Master Closing

Tom Hopkins Builders of Champions

This program is for advanced students.

Tom Hopkins brings you The Academy of Master closing. A 3-day, recorded live seminar that assumes you understand the selling basics. This series starts where all of Tom's other tapes end.

Here he covers the most misunderstood aspects of selling today. You're given 20 different types of advanced selling techniques! You'll find there's an answer to almost every objection you ever dealt with.

The reccession, inflation, competition, productivity, bargaineers and many more. You'll love, the "General Colin Powell Close". Once you've finished this thought-provoking seminar, you'll discover what impacts a sale long before you ever reach the close. For instance, what would you do if he wouldn't make eye-contact, or she moved closer to you? Would you recognize these sensory perception clues and fix the situation immediately? If not, you've probably already lost a few clients.

Tom shares with you secrets most top producers use in their own demonstrations. You'll work on building rapport, sensing the end of the close, filling out actual forms you should have in your files and much more. There are 24 power-packed sessions for you to study. Finish just a few and you'll realize how easy it will be for you to control all of your future sales!!!

Tips the Academy of Master Closing. Logic isn't always the best selling tool.

Most procrastination in decision-making is related to the following fears.
Your prospects are afraid of:

You-a salesperson.
Making a mistake.
Being lied to.
Incurring debt.
Losing face.
The unknown
Reliving a bad past expirence.

The Academy of Master Closing - 8 Cd's Program
/printer-friendly workbook

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