Asking Your Way to Success

by Brian Tracy

The very best and highest-paid salespeople in every field share certain qualities and characteristics.

They always appear to be low-keyed, easy going, relaxed, warm, friendly and very interested in the thoughts, feelings and opinions of others.

They are very likeable people. They learn that the great secret in selling, as well as in all human relationships, is to ask questions and listen carefully to the answers.

The more they listen, the more they learn about how they can structure their product or service offerings to help customers achieve their own goals or satisfy their needs.

The Keys to Sales Success
Qualities of the Top 10%
Two Essential Rules for Success
Five Basic Types of Questions
Six Key Times to Ask Questions
How to Ask: Four Key Elements in Asking
Importance of Preparation
Overcome Your Fears

Seek out vital customer information to close the deal everytime.

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