Back to the Future in Sales - 6 Cds

By J. Douglas Edwards

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This incredible study takes you to the past, present and beyond.

Hear first-hand the tips that Tom credits as helping him earn his first million in sales. J. Douglas Edwards was known as
"The Father of American Selling."

Prospecting and Qualifying
Cashing Objections
When do you Close?
Asking Questions, and listening
People Business

His booming voice, matter-of-fact delivery and psychologically-sound strategies are bound to make a positive impact on your selling career.


In 1968 I took a job with Marshall Data Systems, in Torrance, CA. We sold leases on our new brand of computer disk drives, which were designed to replace the IBM drives, on their large commercial data processing systems.
The "sale" was simply based on the fact that our drives performed faster, saving the IBM user computer time, and cutting his expenses. Naturally, selling an IBM user on sending his leased drives back to IBM, and replacing them with our Marshall drives on a lease basis, was no easy "sell".

One day, at our weekly sales meeting, our Marketing Manager, Tom Williams passed out a set of three tapes to each each of us, with orders to listen to the tapes over and over, until we had mastered the methods of closing sales. I listened to them daily for weeks, and made reference notes about all of the salient points Edwards made in these tapes.
I began using his closing methods daily, and became the top producer in our group of about 10 salesmen who covered the So. California area.
I had graduated from college only 7 years earlier, and my bachelor's degree in electrical engineering got me a whole $5500.00 annual salary at my first job with Bendix Computer, after graduation.
My career plans called for going from engineering to sales, as soon as I found the right opportunity. That happened in 1963, after three years of engineering employment. Nonetheless, when I took the job at Marshall Data Systems, my annual salary level was still only about $7000.00

After studying the sales tapes, within a year, my commissions had boosted my total salary to about $45,000. I lived in Redondo Beach at the time, and that year I bought my first sailboat, and paid $13,000 for it - cash !

Several years later, in 1974, I successfully founded a company called Computer Power Systems.
The product we were manufacturing was sold primarily on the intangible benefits it offered the Data Processing Manager, much like the sale of the Marshall disk drives.
So, the success of the sales process was largely due to the selling expertise of our sales force.

I was VP of Marketing, and I introduced our sales people to the J. Douglas Edwards method of closing sales.

We grew the company to about $35 million in annual sales, and sold it to Emerson Electric in 1984. My share of the stock netted me a little over $2 million.

Not much compared to Bill Gates, but it made the rest of my life and my retirement today pretty comfortable, and I have always felt that I became a top notch salesman due to the conversational expertise taught me by Mr. Edwards.

Today, my daughter is just beginning to excel at her career in real estate. She recently told me that she feels a little shy about her conversational skills with her clients. So, I'm giving her a New Years gift, and am purchasing a set of Tom Hopkins CD's which I understand are based on the Edwards conversational selling and closing methods.

Norm Conwill
Bonsall Ca.

Back to the Future in Sales - 6 cd program

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Also on mp3 Digital Download....You Save!..$26.00

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