How to Be A Winner

Zig Zigler

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Zig Zigler knows what it takes to be a winner. His brand of logic, wit and enthusiasm is nothing short of infectious.

In "How To Be A Winner," Zig steers you down the winner's path with a 10-step formula and the steps to take for top performance. By following this formula your sure to enjoy greater success.

Learn the importance of:

Replacing bad habits with good habits.
Seeing the best in people.
Taking time to reflect.
Meeting challenges with assurance.
Greeting others with confidence and enthusiasm.
Balanced living.

Just a exposure to Zig on the platform makes a fan of anyone, and since he's traveled more than 3,000,000 miles across our nation in the past 20 years, presenting himself and his ideas, he has developed a loyal, enthusiastic following.

He's grown from a one man operation to the Zig Zigler Corporation, headquartered in Dallas, with a staff more than 60 employees. His message no longer comes solely from the stage. In response to numerous request, he's written books and produced both audio and video cassettes.

He's featured in two N-C audiocassettes programs-See You at the Top and Sell Your Way to the Top-and on three additional videocassettes programs-Selling: A Great way to Reach the Top; Goals: Setting and Achieving them on schedule; and How to Be a Winner: More than 2,000,000 copies of his book See You at the Top are in print, and it's been translated into Spanish, French and Korean.

Zig Zigler has been featured in the New York Times, and he has appeared on "The Today Show", "The Tomorrow Show", "Hour of Power", "20/20", "60 Minutes" and "Donahue".

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