Business Start-up Success Made Simple

Business Start-up Success Made Simple

by Brian Tracy

Attention: Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Who Want to Get on the RIGHT Path
to Business Success, NOW!

This is the age of the entrepreneur — gain the clarity you need to make the right decisions the FIRST time — the decisions that will lead you to the mega-success of your choosing

Finally! A proven process for creating precisely the business you want, learning profitability the RIGHT way, the first time, so you can enjoy more money, more free time and more success like you deserve!



“Business Start-Up Success Made Simple”

Your guide to learning things the easy way, and developing the clarity you need to create a highly profitable business, faster than you ever thought possible. I’m so excited about this newly released program! As an entrepreneurial minded person, this program covers everything you need to know about building a high profit business in today’s economy. Having built and run plenty of businesses of my own, and having consulted for thousands, I know what makes some businesses more successful than others. Easy-to-apply ideas and strategies that increase sales and cash flow, boost profits, and decrease costs is the key to business success. And now I’m going to share those strategies and techniques with you. “Business Start-Up Success Made Simple” is a newly-released program I’ve designed to show you exactly how build your business the right way the FIRST time so you fast track your success and, most importantly, enjoy your business and your life.

This course comprises 12 CRUCIAL lessons:

The Keys to Entrepreneurial Success Most people start a new business by plunging in and then learn all of their lessons at a high cost in time and money — but this lesson is the key to learning those lessons the easy way, so you can succeed the first time.

Selecting the Right Product or Service The key to business success is high sales; the reason for business failure is low sales. All else is commentary. Your product or service must be something you believe in, something you can be the best and producing, and something that is profitable. This lesson takes you through the process for determining what to sell — and how — so you make lots of sales.

Planning for Profitability If you want to make money in your business, you’ve got to focus on your customers. This lesson covers how to do that right so you add value, make more sales and increase your cash flow — so you can offer your customers even more (and therefore make even more money). You must know, from before marketing to after the sale, how you’re going to deliver an exceptional customer experience. I walk you through that process, from start to finish.

Marketing, Selling, and Customer Service If you’re in business, you’re in customer service — no matter what you do. The purpose of any business is to create and keep customers. When you develop a smooth, streamlined marketing, sales and customer service process, you develop a full pipeline of qualified, long-term customers who sing your praises and buy from you over and over. In this lesson, I teach you how to do just that.

Winning the Hearts and Minds of Customers When you win the hearts and minds of your customers, they buy more easily, more often, and they recommend you to their friends. The good news is, you hold the power to win their hearts and minds. This lesson shows you how to do so by differentiating yourself from the competition — and improving your customers’ lives.

Selling Your Way to the Top You goal should be to become absolutely excellent in the field of sales — because you are always in sales, no matter what you do. This lesson covers some of my best tips and techniques for becoming absolutely great at sales in today’s market, with today’s savvier-than-ever buyers.

Closing the Sale Closing the sale is the most difficult and stressful part of the process, both for the salesperson and the customer — but it doesn’t have to be. With the methods you learn in this lesson, you can double and triple your sales results. You learn everything you must do before you close the sale — including the first and most important requirement. Becoming a Master Negotiator Your ability to negotiate well on your behalf can save or make you 10% to 20% on every transaction throughout your business life. The good news is, becoming a good negotiator is an essential skill you can develop through learning and practice. All of life is a negotiation, so you definitely want to pay attention to this lesson carefully.

Financing Your Business Getting the money you need on an ongoing basis is a key entrepreneurial function, and that’s why creating your business plan before you try to raise money is key. This lesson shows you which calculations you need to be successful — and to secure financing so you can carry out your dreams and best serve your customers.

All Business is People Business The people you meet determine your success as much or more than any other single factor. When you develop excellent networking skills and capabilities, you greatly increase your chances of success. This lesson shows you how to network effectively so you build a strong base of support and business, the right way.

Improving Your Personal Productivity Your ability to manage your time well is one of the critical skills for personal and business success. Time management is really life management — and life management is key in creating a rock-solid, successful business that supports your lifestyle.

Increasing Your Profits/Balancing Your Work & Personal Life If you can be clear about the profits you want, you can then look around and find another company or companies that are earning that level of profits. Remember, success leaves tracks, so once you see another company doing what you want to do; you can duplicate its success. This lesson covers precisely how to increase your profits — and as you do, to balance your work and personal life so you can enjoy all the money you’re raking in.

Specifically, this course covers: 7 steps to planning and achieving goals — one of the most important skills in entrepreneurial effortsThe FIRST necessity for business success One thing you MUST be absolutely clear about when you start your business — if you’re not, you could waste thousands of dollars and hours of time The perfect mindset for approaching your business to increase the speed at which you reach your goals What makes a negotiation successful — and how you can reach this point in any negotiation The best way to predict the future — learn this lesson and you’ll skyrocket your profits and achievements A rule of thumb for ensuring you have a competitive advantage What you MUST do if you expect your employees to perform at high levels Why you’re in sales — no matter what you think you do for a living The 7 Ps of my marketing mix — and how to use them to effectively and effortlessly market your product or service Various facets of customer service — it doesn’t end when you might think it does Your most valuable asset (it may not be what you think it is)

"Business Start-Up Success Made Simple," THE expert source for exactly what you need to know
to make the right decisions and reach the mega-success of your choosing.

The attitudes and qualities the highest-paid salespeople have in common The most precious resource you have — this determines the quality of your life The first requirement for closing a sale More than a dozen different closes you can use to have a customer pulling out his wallet The key to impressing people (you'll love this one)The ONLY way to get control of your time The very worst use of time (this may surprise you)A quick, easy tip for increasing your productivity by 25%Where to begin when determining your profits (it doesn’t have anything to do with how much money you have) How to identify what’s holding you back from making more money and enjoying more free time To that end, I’m packing this product full of value.

When you put my experience to use in your business, you:

Learn the necessary business lessons WITHOUT the costly time and money investments you make when you're learning them the hard way
Easily uncover and access sources to finance your business — without the stress
Know exactly which product or service to sell
Gain a solid understanding of how to crunch the numbers — so you know exactly what to do to turn a great profit
Effortlessly win the hearts and minds of your ideal customers — so they give you rave reviews and keep coming back for more
Become a master negotiator, so you save money throughout the life of your business — and so you easily get the help you need as you grow your company quickly
Live a balanced, fulfilled life — earning plenty of money to allow you the time and financial freedom you so deserve

When you order your copy of “Business Start-up Success Made Simple,” you get: 12 audio CDs, totaling 12 hours of instruction based on my 1000 hours of reading and research and 4000 hours of university work at the masters level, containing practical, proven ideas, strategies and techniques you can use immediately to increase sales, boost profits and achieve your goals.

A 98-page physical workbook so you can tailor this course to your own business, needs, goals and desires.

A FREE Business Profitability Assessment, which identifies and assesses 30 different areas within your business. You get a complete, personalized report detailing which areas have the most opportunity and which need improvement.

A 3 Months’ membership in Business Growth Strategies Online Training, a proven system to boost your profits in any economy

Brian says you get all my experience and expertise, distilled into 12 power-packed audio CDs, plus a workbook to personalize this course to your unique situation. Once you take the assessment, you can apply what you learn there to everything in the CDs, and take everything a step further with the online training for 3 months.

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