Tom Peters, best known for "In Search of Excellence," says that continuous learning may be the only real source of sustainable competitive advantage for individuals and corporations.

Why? Because what you learn today, may be gone tomorrow. Many skills, jobs and specific knowledge will change and become obsolete. Think of computers, communications, and even buying habits if you don't learn more quickly, you'll be left in the dust.

The good news CAN learn anything you need to learn, and accomplish any goal you set for yourself...There are no limits on what you can be, have, or do. You just need to know how to learn the way YOU were designed to learn.

Take the success track to super intelligenceand relize the full power of your mind

You can Purchase or Rent these titles.

1. The Answers are Within You by Debbie Ford6 Cd's79.95
2. Back to the FutureJ. Douglas Edwards6 Cd's125.00
3. Personal Power IITony Robbins24 Cd"s229.95
4. Born to Win Zig Ziglar15 cd's/3 Dvds149.00
5. e-profits Peter Cohan6 cd's/work79.95
6. Psychology of SellingBrian Tracy6 CD's79.95
8. Psychology of WinningDenis Waitley6 CD's79.95
9. Million Dollar HabitsBrian Tracy6 CD's79.95
10. Psychology of AchievementBrian Tracy6 CD's79.95
11. Self-Made MillionairesBrian Tracy1 Dvd99.95
12. Time of Your Life1 video/16 Cd's/Manual199.95
13. Live With PassionTony Robbins6 CD's89.95
14. Lead the FieldEarl Nightingale6 CD's79.95
15. Science of Self-ConfidenceBrian Tracy6 CD's79.95
16. How to Master Your TimeBrian Tracy6 CD's49.95
17. Advanced Selling TechniquesBrian Tracy6 CD's89.95
18. Secrets of Closing the SaleZig Ziglar12 CD's149.00
19. 12 Wealth SecretsRobert Stuberg6 CD's79.95
20. Thinking BigBrian Tracy6 CD's79.95
21. 12 Life SecretsRobert Stuberg6 CD's79.95
22. InsightNightingale Conant Co.12 CD's120.00
23. Unleash The Power WithinTony Robbins6 CD's49.95
24. Get the EdgeTony Robbins10 CD's199.95
25. Master Strategies for Higher Achievement Brian Tracy6 cd's79.95
26. New Weekend SeminarJim Rohn12 CD's220.00
27. Jump and the Net Will AppearRobbin Crow6 CD's/workbook89.95
28. What Matters MostHyrum Smith6 CD's/workbook79.95
29. How To Win Friends & Influence People Dale Carnegie8 CD's/workR/O
30. Self MasteryDick Sutphen6 CD's109.95
31. Unlimited PowerTony Robbins6 audiosR/O
32. It's Never Crowded Along the Extra MileWayne Dyer6 CD's79.95
33. Mentored by a MillionaireSteven Scott8 CD's99.95
34. Through Fear to LoveDuane O'Kane/Catherine Wyber6 CD's89.95
35. Close the DealSandler Sales Institute6 CD's89.95
36. How to Build Wealth Like Warren BuffetRobert Miles6 CD's/1 video/guidebook99.95
37. The 12 Bad Habits That Hold Good People BackJames Waldroop, Ph.D.6 CD's79.95
38. A View From the TOPZig Ziglar6 CD's/workbook/bonus disc129.95
39. Think & Grow Rich Napoleon Hill 6 Cd's69.95
40. The Strangest SecretEarl Nightingale6 CD's79.95
41. The Laws of Money, The lessons of LifeSuze Orman6 CDR/O
42. There is a Spiritual Solution to Everyday ProblemWayne Dyer6 CD79.95
43. Prosperity ConsciousnessErick Lehrman6 CD79.95
44. The Day that Turns Your Life AroundJim Rohn6 CD79.95
45. Personal Insight LibraryVarious Authors12 Cd's139.95
46. 80-20 PrincipalsRichard Knochs6 Cd's79.95
47. The Secrets of The Power of IntentionWayne W.Dyer6 Cd's79.95
48. 21 Secrets To SuccessBrian Tracy8 Cd's99.95
49. The Wealth MachineJohn Cummuta8 Cd's109.95
50. The Weekend Millionaire's Real Estate Investing ProgramRoger Dawson and Mike Summey8 Cd's99.95
51. Cashflow Quadrant Robert T. Kiyosaki3 Cd'sR/O
51. Creating Affluence Deepak Chopra1 Cd'sR/O
52. No Down PaymentCarleton H. Sheets12 Cd'sR/O
53. Your Secret WealthJay Abraham6 CD79.95
54. The Late Start InvestorJohn Wasik
55. Think Like a Billionaire Martin Fidson6 Cd's79.95
56. Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life by Nick Hall6 Cd's89.95
57. Dreams Don't Have Deadlines by Mark Victor Hansen6 Cd's69.95
58. New Courtship After Marriage by Zig Ziglar6 Cd's79.95
59. Biscuit Fleas & Pumphandlesby Zig Ziglar1 CD 19.95
60. Raising Positive Kids in a Negative Worldby Zig Ziglar6 CD's 79.95
61. Trump-Think Like a Billionaireby Donald Trump5 CD's 39.95
62. How to Get Richby Donald Trump5 CD's 39.95
63. Start Hereby Earl Nightingale5 CD's 59.95
64. The Automatic MillionaireBy David Bach8 cd's99.95
65. Piranha MarketingJoe Polish with Tim Paulson9 cd's299.95
66. Law of Large NumbersGary Goodman6 cd's79.95
67. How You Can Start, Build, Manage or Turnaround any BusinessBrian Tracy8 audios295.00
68. Instant SalesJeffrey Gitomer 4 MP3 cd's/1 CD Rom/1 Audio99.95
69. The Luck FactorBrian Tracy6 Cds79.95
70. Power of CarityBrian Tracy8-Cds79.95
71. Power of Ambition Jim Rohn6 Cds79.95
72. Take Charge of Your LifeJim Rohn6 Cds79.95
73. Jim's Weekend SeminarJim Rohn12 Cds220.00
74. Challenge to SucceedJim Rohn6 Cds79.95
75. Cultivating an Unshakable CharacterJim Rohn6 Cds79.95
76. TransformationsWayne Dyer 6 Cds 79.95
77. Inner Wisdom: The Best of Wayne DyerWayne Dyer 20 Cds199.95
78. There is a Spiritual Solution to Every ProblemWayne Dyer 6 Cd's79.95
79. Lessons in MasteryTony Robbons6 Cds79.95
80. Personal Power ClassicTony Robbins7 Cds190.00
81. Personal Power IITony Robbins24 CDs/1-Video200.00
82. How to Master the Art of Selling AnythingTom Hopkins12 Cd's/Workbook195.00
83. Official Guide to SuccessTom Hopkins4 Cd's/Workbook85.00
84 Academy of Master Closes Tom Hopkins8 Cd's/Workbook195.00
85. Mastering the Art of Listing Real EstateTom Hopkins8 Cd's/Workbook105.00
86. Low Profile SellingTom Hopkins4 Cd's/Workbook85.00
87. Balance Your LifeTom Hopkins 4 Cd's95.00
88. Beter Than GoodZig Ziglar6 Cd 79.95
89. GoalsZig Ziglar1-Dvd79.95
90. Goals Zig Ziglar6 Cds79.95
91. Developing the Qualities of SuccessZig Ziglar7 Cds79.95
92. Staying Up Up Up in a down, down worldZig Ziglar4 CD79.95
93. See You at The Top Zig Ziglar 6 Cds79.95
94. Transforming Debt into WealthJohn Cummute6 CD's99.95
95. Solomon's TreasuresSteve Scott8 CD's/bonus CD89.95
96. The Fountain of WealthPaul Zane Pilzer6 CD's89.95
97. True ProsperityYehuda Berg6 CD's79.95
98. Sales Success14 Authors14 Cd's79.95
99. How to Stop Worring and Start LivingDale Carnegie9 Cds99.95
100. Five Disciplines of Powerful PeopleJohn Powers7 Cds89.95
101. How to Be a No Limit PersonWayne Dyer6 Cds79.95
102. Power of PurposeLes Brown6 Cds79.95
103.The Power of ClarityBrian Tracy6 Cds79.95
104.The Brain MassageJeffrey Thompson8 Cds79.95
105.Coversation PowerJames Van Fleet6 Cds79.95
106.Creating Irresistible Influence w/NLPCharles Faulkner6 Cds99.95
107.Creating Miracles Every DayRichard Carlson6 Cds79.95
108.Einstein FactorWin Wenger/Richard Poe7 Cds79.95
109.E-Myth SeminarMichael Gerber6 Cds79.95
110.Energy Healing Rahul Patel8 Cds89.95
111.11th ElementBob Scheinfeld7 Cds99.95
112.5 Essential People SkillsDale Carnegie6 Cds79.95
113.Harnessing Your Life ForceBarbara Mahaffey 6 Cds79.95
114.Heart Math MethodHoward Martin9 Cds129.95
115.Higher Self Deepak Chopra6 Cds79.95
116.Living Extra Ordinary LifeRobert White & Dennis Becker 9 Cds99.95
117.Magical Mind, Magical Body Deepak Chopra6 Cds79.95
118.Mind DynamicsSidneyFriedman’s6 Cds79.95
119.Mindful MediationJon Kabat Zina6 Cds79.95
120.Power of KabbalahMichael Moskowitz6 Cds89.95
122.Real IntelligenceLawrence Martel9 Cds99.95
123.Secrets of 10 Great GeniusesTony Alessandra6 Cds79.95
124.Spiritual Alchemy Luanne Oakes8 Cds119.95
125. Tele $alesKerry Johnson6 Cd's112.00
126. How to Not Suck at SalesJeffrey Gitomer 1 Dvd/1 CD125.00
. My Life Bill ClintonBill Clinton6 Cds79.95
. Learn How to Build a Web PageStep by Step Learning 1 Cd79.95
. Richest Man in Babylonby George Vlason4 Cds$49.95
. How to Think BigDonald Trump5 Cds$69.95
. Learn to Build Web PagesStep by Step Learning1 CD$49.95
. Business @ the Speed of Lightby Bill Gates6 Cds$99.95
. Tax Lien Certifcates Sean Higgins4 Cds230.95
. Think Like a MillioaireDonald Trump5 Cds130.95
. Dale Carnegie Leadership MasteryDale Carnegie6 Cds99.95

Titles on Audio Cassettes

1. Magic of Thing BigDavid Schwartz6 audios109.95
2. Multiple Streams of IncomeRobert Allen6 audios109.95
3. The Goals ProgramZig Ziglar 6 Audios79.95
4. Living HealthTony Robbins 8 Audios/Workbook190.00
5. Success in America Earl Nightingale6 Audios79.95
6. Earl Nightingale on SuccessEarl Nightingale6 Audios79.95
7. Great Ideas Earl Nightingale6 Audios79.95
8. K.I.S.S. Earl Nightingale6 Audio79.95
9. Subliminal WinnerDenis Waitley6 Audios79.95
10. The New Dynamics of WinningDenis Waitley6 audios/card69.95
11. Course in WinningDenis Waitley20 Audios179.95
12. Mail OrderGary Cochran6 audios149.00
13. 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleStephen Covey6 Audios59.95
14.Free Money to Change Your LifeMatthew Lesko6 Audios79.95
15. How You Can Start, Build, Manage or Turnaround any BusinessBrian Tracy8 audios295.00
16. Breakthrough Direct Market Terry Jeffers8 audios$269.95
17. Winning in Life Walter Payton6 audios$79.95
18. Working Smarter Maicheal Laboebof6 audios$79.95
19. Win Win Negotiator Book/Beloney2 audiosR/O

Titles on VHS & Dvds

1. Success Secrets of Selfmade MillionairesBrian Tracy1 Dvd105.95
2. GoalsZig Ziglar1-Dvd79.95
3. Attitude is EverythingTom Hopkins16 minute DVD69.95
4. Motivate Your MindTom Hopkins35 minute DVD85.00
6. Closing the SaleTom Hopkins 43 minute DVD85.00
7. Attitude is EverythingTom Hopkins1 Dvd99.95
8. Closing the SaleTom Hopkins 1 Dvd99.95
9. Winning in ActionDenis Waitley1 VHS Video (1 hour) 140.00
10.Psy of Winning Video LibraryDenis Waitley4 VHS Video 250.00
11.How To Be A Winner Zig Ziglar align=left>1 Video 69.95
12.Wealth Streams Video LibraryRobert Allen4 videos109.95
13. How to Not Suck at SalesJeffrey Gitomer 1 Dvd112.00
14. 1. Qualities of Top SalespeopleBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
15. 2. Ask Your Way to SuccessBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
16. 3. Secrets of Success in SellingBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
17. 4. Overcoming Price ResistanceBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
18. 5. Closing the SaleBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
19. 6. Time Management for SalespeopleBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
20. 7. Influence Customer BehaviorBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
21. 8. Prospecting PowerBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
22. 9. Selling Made SimpleBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
23. 10. Selling Different People DifferentlyBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
24. 11. Value-Added SellingBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
25. 12. Consultative SellingBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
26. 13. Personal Sales PlanningBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
27. 14. Relationship SellingBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
28. 15. Identifying Needs and Presenting SolutionsBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
29. 16. Qualities of Top NegotiatorsBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
30. 17. Overcoming ObjectionsBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
31. 18. Telephone SalesBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
32. 19. Complex SellingBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
33. 20. The Winning EdgeBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
34 21. The New Model of SellingBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
35. 22. Mega-Credibility in SellingBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
36. 23. Psychology of SellingBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
37. 24. How Buyers BuyBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
38. 25. Selling on Nonprice IssuesBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
39. 26. Negotiating the SaleBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
40. 27. Service ExcellenceBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
41. 28. Customers for LifeBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
42. 29. Building Customer RelationshipsBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00
43. 30. Power, Politics & InfluenceBrian Tracy25 minutes Dvd105.00

Up-Dated on January 7, 2016

Will Add these titles to the Library soon.
Spiritual Evolution – Sylvia Browne – 8 Cds
Sound Health, Sound Wealth – Luanne Oakes - 5 Cds
Stop Searching and Start Living – Hans King – 6 Cds
Tax Lien Certifcates – Sean Higgins – 4 Cds
Thirsting for God – Mother Teresa - 8 Cds
The E-Myth – Michael Gerber – 6 Cds
Training the Mind, Healing the Body – Deepak Chopra – 12 Cds
Secrets of Ten Great Geniuses – Tony Alessandra – 6 Cds
28 Principles of Attraction – Thomas Leonard – 7 Cds
Wealth Machine – John Cummuta – 8 Cds
Who Moved my Cheese – Spencer Johnson – 1 Cd
Who Moved my Cheese – Spencer Johnson – 1 C

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