The Certified Salesperson

The Ultimate Guide to Help Any Salesperson
Go Crazy with Unprecedented Sales

Many professions including medicine, law and finance have certification programs.

Core competencies are identified and taught to keep these professionals' skills at a high level.

To keep your selling skills at a high level, you must master the core competencies for salespeople, so you can close more sales in less time by becoming a Certified Salesperson.

The Certified Salesperson will help:

How to become a master of questions and a focused listener.
How to quickly determine you're investing your with a true decision-maker.
How to dynamically address and reverse objections.
Five of the most powerful closing strategies for today's economy.
How to close more sales in less time.
Methods for getting more sales appointments everyday.
Strategies to let your customer know you expect them to buy--now.
How to "read" your customer's thoughts including their readiness to buy.
How to instantly identify and adjust your style to your prospect's.
Proactive strategies to shut down the competition!

These strategies are proven-effective in today's economy. Yet, simple enough that you can learn them during the program and apply them on your very next sales presentation.

The Certified Salesperson 7 Cd's/printer-friendly workbook

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