Do Right! The Plan Dvd

with Lou Holtz of Notre Dame

Lou Holtz is recognized as one of the premier football coaches in NCAA history. During his extraordinary career, Lou inherited six losing football program – all of which he transformed into winners. Lou’s plan for success never failed to lead his teams to a bowl game within two years. While times and teams change, Lou has proven that this plan consistently leads to success.

In 1988, Lou Holtz filmed Do Right – a examination of the three values at the heart of his success. Shortly thereafter, Do Right became the best selling corporate film in America.

In Do Right – The Plan, Lou Holtz illustrates the way to apply these values to achieve individual and organizational success. Through trial and error, victory and defeat, every success begins with two things: a vision and a plan.

A vision gives us the direction necessary to achieve our goals.
A plan is the vehicle by which we achieve our goals.
A plan consists of four key elements:
Have A Positive Attitude
Be A Dreamer
Be Passionate

Lou Holtz illustrates how many of America’s most influential leaders nurtured success by focusing on these key elements, including former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Super Bowl Champion Jerome Bettis, and Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King Jr.

Do Right – The Plan teaches audiences how to develop the vision and the plan essential to achieving their goals. Along with the enduring values illustrated in Do Right, the message of Do Right The Plan guides individuals, organizations and teams to consistent and lasting success.

Do Right! The Plan - 35 minute Dvd - made 2006

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