Dreams Don't Have Deadlines

by Mark Victor Hansen

Right now, imagine your life exactly as you want it to be. What will it take to make you ecstatically happy, totally fulfilled, and 100 percent elated to be alive?

No one knows more about making dreams come true than Mark Victor Hansen. As co-creator of the hugely successful Chicken Soup for the SoulŪ series, Mark is responsible for the sale of more than 60 million books, with the numbers rising every day. Yet Mark did not achieve anything close to this level of success, until he was well into his 40s. How did he finally do it? He knew that dreams don't have deadlines - and once you've heard this exciting and inspiring program, you'll know it too!

As Mark Victor Hansen explains, we all start out with big dreams. We imagine the great things we want to accomplish for ourselves and for the world. But more often than not, the demands of life in the real world cause us to turn aside from our youthful ambitions - and all too often, they're forgotten forever.

The truth is, this does not have to be so! What's more, with 75 million Americans now passing the age of 50, our society cannot afford to have this huge segment of the population simply " go fishing." For everyone's benefit, we need to take the deadlines off our dreams and start transforming them into the realities of our everyday lives. When that happens, everyone comes out ahead, and this program shows how to make it happen, starting now!

Here are just a few of the topics Mark covers in these 12 sessions:

Why there's never been a better time to start living your dreams, and why our whole society needs you to do so
What wealth really means, and why having a great deal of money is only the beginning
How to have fun while putting your dreams into action, and why it's essential to do so
The importance of "multiplicity" in goal-setting, with real-life examples of exactly how it works
How to "stay connected" with people who can help you succeed, and how to "get connected" with people who can help you even more
The three basic components of good health, plus the recent innovations that you must understand in order to be at your best
Why having a mentor is important regardless of your age, and why being a mentor is absolutely essential
The power of forming a mastermind group
Create/renew deep desire and commitment towards your dreams
Become passionate about making the rest of your life the best of your life
People from all walks of life - business, music, theater, and coaches in sports - are now making it big in what people used to call "the second half" of life. Well, there is no need for a second half of life; you're still in the first half! It's a well-known fact that people are living much longer today than those of the generations behind them. Learn the tools, techniques, strategies, and tactics to live the life you know that you were meant to live. It's all in Dreams Don't Have Deadlines.

Dreams Don't Have Deadlines - 6 CD Program

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