Highlights of the Perfect Sales Process Dvd

Tom Hopkins

Highlights of the Perfect Sales Process Dvd

There are 8 Puzzle Pieces in the Perfect Sales Process

Miss just one piece and it’ll rob you of sales, income, and career success. Find it, and you’ll advance ahead to attain your goals.

Master sales trainer Tom Hopkins reveals all 8 puzzle pieces, helps you diagnose which one is missing from your presentations, and shows you how to develop the perfect sales process that leads to fat paychecks and resounding career success!

Tom Hopkins believes the “perfect selling process” is like a puzzle. And for many eager sales reps, trying to meet sales quotas is like putting a 1,500-piece jigsaw puzzle together. One puzzle piece always seems to be missing.

But selling doesn’t have to be so difficult. All you need is to understand the 8 puzzle pieces, that when snapped together, showcase a beautiful vista of more revenue, more income, and more career success … that could put a shiny new vehicle in your driveway, or promote you to sales manager, or vice-president of sales!

Enlist Tom’s 30 Years of Experience to

Find the Missing Puzzle Piece

That’s Holding You Back

Master sales trainer, Tom Hopkins shows you exactly how it’s done in his blockbuster 40-minute, DVD training program titled, The Highlights of the Perfect Sales Process. Before a live studio audience, in his easy to understand, and entertaining manner, Tom shares with you:

The 8 puzzle pieces that when combined create a beautiful portrait of the perfect selling process … that’s guaranteed to win you more sales, more income, and more career success.

The one daily thing you must do to double sales productivity!

An example of an introductory letter you can use to immediately generate leads from a warm market.

A phrase you can in selling to businesses, that instantly puts you in the good graces of receptionists

The foundation of great selling – master this and you’re on the fast-track to career success

How to develop irresistible rapport with potential clients so they’ll open their hearts and minds to you

How to avoid humiliating handshake faux pas

The N.E.A.D.S. process that let’s you unearth the needs, wants, and desires of your buyers

How to put zest into your presentation so they’ll be glued to their seats!

The brilliant test question technique that let’s you know whether you should go forward or backward in your presentation or straight for the jugular – the close!

Why hearing “No”, doesn’t mean you’ve lost the sale

A common mistake that veteran salespeople make when addressing concerns

The cardinal rule, that absolutely must always be followed when handling buyer concerns

How to use a “by-pass technique” to deal with interruptions, objections, and concerns that throw you off your presentation

How to know with certainty that an objection has been resolved

Three words that let you segue away from answering objections back into your presentation

The “vibe” you should project when you go into the close

Why you must cover all money issues before asking for the final yes

A clever strategy you can use during the presentation to help potential clients to feel at ease when you start filling out the paperwork

How many closing attempts you’ll realistically have to make before you can expect them to make a decision

When to deliver your final closing statement and what to say

How to get existing clients to give you referral business

Why thank you notes are worth their weight in gold and the right way to use them

Why you shouldn’t send the typical holiday cards and what to send instead

The overlooked ingredient that if neglected will put you on a bad luck streak – even if you’re a master closer!

How to deal with the challenge of clients being stolen from you

The single-most important thing that successful salespeople do, that the average do not

Tom’s “G.O.Y.A.” philosophy that if applied, will absolutely get you out of a sales slump! (This is worth the price of the program alone!)

Why you should feel proud about your role as a salesperson and how your feelings towards your profession influences your outcomes

Plus much, much, more!

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