High Performance Selling - 15 Cds/350 page workbook

by Brian Tracy

Become a high performance seller and learn how to close that life changing deal.

Dramatically Improve Your Closing Rate and Massively Increase Your Income With My Proven System Get More Prospects, Close More Sales, and Make More Money...
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Today’s consumers are savvy. They’re educated. They’re smart. And now more than ever, they’re watching how they spend their money. Sure, the economy has something to do with it – people worry about losing their jobs, while at the same time watching prices rise on gas, food, and just about every other essential. But the psychology of sales has changed, too. Prospects have more choices, and your competitors are always looking for ways to sell the same product for less. For you as a salesperson, the results can be stressful: competition is fiercer than ever, and consumers can take their time in deciding about a purchase because they know they can find “a better deal” elsewhere. Luckily, there IS a solution. It’s to become an exceptional salesperson – a High Performance Seller. When you do, you develop the skills you need to write your own ticket: get more prospects, close more sales, and make more money. This course, delivered on 15 audio CDs, comprises 12.5 hours’ worth of instruction, broken down into 3 separate courses. Each course contains 10, 25-minute audio lessons—and all together, it’s equivalent to the material I teach in my $10,000, 7-day live seminar.

PLUS, you also get: High Performance Selling Workbook

My “High Performance Selling” workbook will help you can keep track of your own goals and progress as you go through the materials. Hold yourself accountable for your new learning and use as a reference guide for each one of your new sales strategies.

This program is the complete A-Z “how to” sales training guide. In this 15 CD audio program and 350 page workbook, you'll learn how to:

Effortlessly handle sales objections
Get more highly qualified prospects and set more appointments
Sell more in any market
Increase revenue and boost your profits immediately
Close the sale - EVERY time
Dramatically decrease stress as your sales become natural and effortless

With “High Performance Selling,” you get the same instruction at a fraction of the price—and you can listen to the information whenever you want, as many times as you want, in your home, office or training room.

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"Winning is not everything, but the effort to win is."
Zig Ziglar

High Performance Selling - 15 Cds/350 page workbook

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