Instant Sales

by Jeffrey Gitomer

NEW AND IMPROVED! (A Condensed Sales Course (just add yourself) 4 MP3 Cd's/1 video CDs/1 audio Cd,(an audio track for your car) Just Plain How To Make A Sale, Telephone Mastery, Power Presentation, Ask Smart Questions, Objection Prevention, and Close the Sale. All CDs have a downloadable worksheet for note-taking.

CD 1: Just plain how to make a sale - 18.5 fundamental rules of how sales are made.
CD 2: Telephone Mastery - Master the most powerful sales tool, the telephone.
CD 3: Power Presentation - Presentation skills that will work for a group or a one-on-one sales call.
CD 4: Ask Smart Questions - Learn the difference between smart and dumb questions to ask on a sales call.
CD 5: Objection Prevention - Why deal with objections the same old way -- now you can PREVENT them.
CD 6: Close the Sale - Learn specific techniques to close the sale every time!

What's Inside: The first CD set that leads you to a sale without leading you through some complicated system of selling. Instant Sales provides strategies and techniques about real-world selling situations and provides a pathway to success - your success!

Instant Sales - 6 Cd-Rom videos for your computer, and audio Cd's for your car too

6 Cd-Rom video/audio Cd's ......$99.95
Shipping in the USA = $8.00 us$

If you have any can call 818-366-7500 ask for Paul or email The Motivating Tape Company

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