How to Not Suck at Sales

by Jeffrey Getomer

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Tear up those business cards and trash those marketing brochures.
The old ways of selling have changed for good.
Jeffrey Gitomer is here to teach you the new ones as well as how to put the fun back into your sales career.

Take your sales to new levels when you learn:

The secret of selling––engagement––and the three best ways to do it
Top 5 ways to prepare yourself to make a sales call
6.5 rules of sales destined to make you a master of your craft
How to build your personal brand and position yourself as a market leader

To be a great salesperson, you need to know why people buy.
New York Times bestselling author Jeffrey Gitomer gives you real-world expertise on sales, customer loyalty and personal development.
His syndicated column Sales Moves appears in more than 95 business newspapers, and is read by more than 4 million people every week.

How to Not Suck at Sales - 1 Dvd & 1 Cd

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