Jump And The Net Will Appear

Break through fear and develop an unskakable faith in yourself through this totally unique audio experience!

Listen to Robin Crow"1 Minute Mono Sample" Many of us know that we have the skill, intelligence and knowledge to achieve our dreams. Yet, quite often, we feel something intangible inside ourselves that holds us back. It would be many things: lack of clarity, a negative attitude, perfectionism, fear of failure or success, or procrastination. What ever the reason, we know that making a few simple changes would yield us quantum leaps in our performance. In short, if we would only jump...the net would appear!

In this all-new audio program, Jump and the Net Will Appear! The twelve Keys to Eliminating Doubt and Creating Certainty, Robin describes his nightmare -to-millionaire journey from struggling musician, to national recording artist, to best-selling author. No abstract theories here...just proven strategies, spine-chilling anecdotes, and street-smart advice from a man who's been in the trenches and knows how to bounce back. With his entertaining stories and relaxed style, he will help you uncover the secrets of what he calls the Art of personal achievement and the Rhythm of Success.

In this unforgettable series, you'll learn:

Why each one of us has our own personal "song" to sing in life
The critical role that clarity plays in making quantum leaps
The secrets to following through on every commitment
How improving a little bit every day add to massive success
The top ten success rituals
Five steps to becoming "wealth conscious"
Why each of us should carry the "torch of gratefulness"
Why small acts of kindness go a long way
Robin Crow is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and one of the world's most innovative guitarist. He has forged an extraordinary career, releasing seven albums and performing over 2,000 concerts. Besides making records and perforning, Robin oversees the running of his studio complex, Dark Horse Recording. It has become a haven for some of the biggest stars in the world, including Neil Diamond, Dolly Parton, Wynonna, Amy Grant, John Hiatt, and Faith Hill. Robin lives on his farm in Franklin, Tennessee with his wife and four children.

Jump and the Net Will Appear - 6 CD Program

6 Cd's...$89.95 us$
Shipping in the USA = $8.00 us$

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