Low Profile Selling

Building Profitable Relationships
for Maximum Results

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In this fast paced, high pressure world, no one has the time or tolerance for a pushy or patronizing sales-person whose only concern is the commission.

Today's consumer expects to do business with someone who offers more empathy and less hype. To win trust and make a sale, a sales professional must now abandon the stereotype of the trade and assume a lower profile.

The low profile salesperson doesn't act like a sales person, but rather an expert advisor, educator, or consultant. He creates an emotional rapport with his customers- exploring needs, claiming fears, addressing doubts and, most importantly, lisening to what the customer has to say.

The low profile salesperson is a "interested introvert" rather than an "interesting extrovert," kepping the spot light on the customer, not himself or the product. And it pays off in repeat business and refferals.

World-reowned sales trainer Tom Hopkins will show you the benefits of the gental approach as opposed to the "hard sell" In this program, you'll learn:

Never say the word's "buy", "sell" or "sign right here".
How you can sell more by changing your walk.
Creative ways to use your business cards for new customers.
The importance of "thank you"-befor the sale.
What you learn about success selling from TV's "Columbo".
Personality types and how to communicate with each one.
Power words to energize your presentation.
And much more...

Customers today are looking for instant gratification. Salespeople need to learn satisfy thier needs as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Low profile salespeople anticipate these needs and fulfill them in a non-threatening way, building relationships that lead to life long customers.

Low Profile Selling - 4 Cd Program/
printer-friendly workbook

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