The Magic of Thinking Big

Discover the Magic That Transformed the Lives of Over 2,000,000 People!

Listen to David Schwartz "1 Minute Mono Sample"
Learn how successful people never surrender - and discover how you, too, can get the promotion you deserve, the power and influence you desire, and the rewards life has to offer. It is simple, if you know how to Think Big. Dr. David Schwartz is one of America's foremost experts on motivation. His concrete ideas, exercises, and examples will inspire you to work better, sell better, manage better, earn more money and find greater happiness and personal satisfaction.

You'll learn how to:

Develop the power of beief.
Think and dream creatively.
Recognize and conquer fear.
Manage your memory.
Think like a leader.
Use goals to help you grow.

According to Dr. Schwartz, "You are what you think you are," and as you enlarge your thinking, develop enthusiasm, apply the right attitudes, and spruce up your "packaging" you'll see dramatic results - almost... like magic!

The Magic of Thinking Big

6 audiocassette/Workbook Program
6 audios........$89.95 Rent Only
Shipping in the USA = $8.00 us$

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