Master Strategies for Higher Achievement

by Brian Tracy

Side 1: Inner Development and Outer Success Making things happen in an era of change. The value of your ability to think. The human mind and the mental laws. A brief history of education. Integrity as the most respected, most valued quality. The meaning of purposefulness. Overcoming fear. More of the top 10 values. Self-discipline: the iron quality of character.

Side 2: Purpose and Potential A golden age of opportunity. Being brilliant on the basics. Moving from what you can do to what you can control. Realizing your full potential by leaving the comfort zone. Using zero-based thinking. Allowing yourself to dream big dreams. The steps of strategic planning. The GOSPA model: goals, objectives, strategies, plans and activities. Goal-setting questions.

Side 3: Time and Results When instant gratification is not enough: time as your most precious resource. The key personal management skill. Major paradigms shifts in master strategies for success. The importance of thinking long-term. "No, no, no!" The Law of Excluded Alternatives. The ABCDE method of setting priorities. Four key questions for keeping focus on important things.

Side 4: Wealth and Well-Being Why financial independence is so vital. Specific ways to change your thinking about money. Creating wealth by creating value. Admiring the financial success of others. Paying yourself first. The road to financial independence and the miracle of compound interest. Parkinson's Law and how to contradict it.

Side 5: Family and Relationships Why no one else can make you happy. Mental shifts on the subject of relationships. The central role of relationships in anyone's life. Loving as a practice. What's important here? Handling difficult relationships. More thinking shifts. Setting peace of mind as your highest goal. Working all the time you work.

Side 6: Spirituality and Inner Growth Defining some spiritual terms. The instinct toward love. Moving from fear to faith, from help to belief, from blame to forgiveness. Listening and solitude. Trusting your superconscious mind. The secrets of synchronicity and serendipity. Dr. Peale's four steps to accomplishing any goal.

Side 7: Enterprise and Opportunity Developing a prosperity consciousness and an abundance mentality. From the agricultural age to the age of knowledge. Moving toward unlimited options. Starting a fortune with less than $100. The requirements of entrepreneurial thinking. The key ability in selling. Seven areas that add value and create opportunity.

Side 8: Business and Management Management as a mental game. What is the purpose of a business? Remaining flexible in a world of change. Reinventing your business. Striving to make your business obsolete. Being a team player: the number-one skill needed for promotion. Three keys to shared responsibility. The relentless pursuit of excellence. From competition to collaboration.

Side 9: Work and Career The "de-jobbing" of the workplace. Shifting to lifelong employability. Your most valuable asset. What will your next career be? Why you are always self-employed. More attitude shifts. Career development by design. Moving from task orientation to action orientation. What is it you really love to do?

Side 10: Learning and Knowledge Why the future belongs to the competent and the prepared. Joining the top 10 percent in your field. Increasing competence in key results areas. Reducing stress and earning respect. Increasing your intelligence. The five stages of becoming an excellent learner. Two keys to lifelong learning. The importance of reading.

Side 11: Technology and Productivity Viewing technology as your ally in achieving goals. Why companies fail. Becoming computer fluent. Early adapters and late arrivals to the world of technology. The cost of becoming technologically proficient. The key to value creation. The failure to learn, the failure to adapt and the failure to anticipate. Speed as an essential for success.

Side 12: Politics and Economics Toward a smaller government. The historical evolution toward our current political situation. A review of income taxes. When supply creates its own demands. The state of politics today. Taking the pledge. The essence of a political economy. Living in the golden age of mankind.

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