Mentored by a Millionaire

The Master Strategies Of The Rich

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Steve Scott lost 9 jobs in his first six years after college. His income was less then $20,000 per year. Then, after starting his first business without a dollar to his name, he made over $30 MILLION in personal income.

The Critical difference in Steve's life was learning and using life-changing "Power Secrets" from his mentor, who was an entrepreneurial genius and multimillionaire. Now, a multimillionaire himself, Steve Scott shares these strategies and techniques that are not taught in college or buiness schools. These are the secrets used by the world's most successful people- People like Steve Spilberg, Oprah Winfrey, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Helen Keller, to name just a few. They have achieved their "impossible dreams."

Far more then a conventional self-helped program, Mentored by a Millionaire: The Master Strategies of the Rich is made up of 15 one-on one mentoring sessions in which you learn and master the strategies and techniques that have been used by the world's most successful people. in these one-on-one mentoring sessions, Steve leads you step by step through each strategy and teaches you specific techniques to enable you to instantly use that strategy and all of its power in every area of your personal and professional life.

These are four simple reasons why this program is going to make a phenomenal difference in your professional and personal life.

Steven Scott Shares with You:

You'll learn the 15 strategies or "power secrets" of the world's most successful people. These strategies have catapulted hundreds of ordinary people to unimaginable heights of success and wealth. They are not taught in colleges or business schools, but were discovered through personal experience or learned from mentors.
You'll learn and master specific techniques to instantly apply each strategy to your daily life at work and at home. These techniques are simple and easily learned and yet incredibly effective, resulting in the mastery of lifetime skills.
In 15 one-on-one mentoring sessions, you'll be lead step by step through each technique and strategy with interactive exercises that enable you to begin using each technique literally overnight.
The difference between this program and any other is that you're not being lectured. you're being mentored. Listen and see what a diffence it makes.
The one thing you must do after using any of the 24 techniques.

So will this work for you? ABSOLUTELY! All you need to do is learn them and then diligently apply them to your daily life. A house key left on your car seat won't open the door as long as it sits on your seat. And yet, when picked up and placed into the door's lock and turned, it will open the door every time. The same is true here. Use these keys and they'll open door that you have never even dared to approach, much less open. So when you're ready for a life of maginficence, listen to Mentored by a Millionaire: The Master Strategies of the Rich.

Mentored by a Millionare - 8 CD Program

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