Commanding the Ideal Performance
State at Will

You may picture yourself in a new car or accepting a trophy for an outstanding achievement. You may picture yourself in a new home or a beautiful retirement cabin. If it is a new home you picture, feel the plush carpet, see the beautiful landscape view from the windows, feel the warmth of the fireplace. Make it a complete experience! Vividly imagine the things you want. After your relaxation period is over, review your written plan for achieving your goals. You subconscious is your slave, but you must show it exactly what you deire through visualization and planning. Remember, IT'S YOUR CHOICE!

This program covers issues like:

Be worthy of success.
Set a goal of self approval.
Strive for success.
Plan your time.
Write down your goals.
Discipline yourself now.

An independent study found that only 5% of the people in the United States reach financial security by retirement age. The only difference that could be found between the 5% who were secure and the 95% who needed help were written-down goals. The 5% had a PLAN!

The Official Guide to Success - 4 cd's Program

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