Overcoming Objections Dvd

by Brian Tracy

No matter what you are selling, customers will have questions and concerns that you must resolve before you can proceed to a sale.

Your ability to handle these questions and concerns is a key skill that is essential to your sales success. In this session, you learn some of the key questions and responses that you require to effectively answer any objection that a customer can ask of you.

Why Objections are Essential
The "Pre-Emptive Strike" Method
Ways to Answer Objections Effectively
Dealing with Price Objections
Dealing with the Insistent Customer
The Law of Six
How to Treat Each Objection
The “Feel, Felt, Found” Method of Dealing with Objections
Role of “Fuzzy Understanding” in Objections

Close more sales faster than ever before while dealing effectively with customers objections.

Overcoming Objections - 25 minutes Dvd

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