Overcoming Price Resistance

by Brian Tracy

Customers are determined not to pay more than they have to for whatever it is you are selling.

Your ability to overcome natural price resistance is a major selling skill that you can develop as you move to the top of your field. Learn how to deal with price professionally and effectively, selling more of your products and services at higher prices than you may have done in the past.

Price as a Major Issue in Modern Selling;
Why Price is Seldom the Reason for Buying Decisions;
Why Customers Ask Price Questions
Uncovering the Reasons for Price Concerns;
The Difference Between Willingness and Ability to Pay;
Differentiating Your Product or Service;
Why Price is a Major Issue in Modern Selling
Be Proud of Your Prices

You'll learn to deal effectively with resistance in the most effective and professional manner possible.

3. Overcoming Price Resistance - 25 minutes Dvd

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