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Up-Dated on May 23,2016

1. Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life6 Cdsby Nick Hall99.95
2. Dreams Don't Have Deadlines 6 CdsMark Victor Hansen69.95
3. How to Stop Worring and Start Living9 CdsDale Carnegie99.95
4. How to Make Friend & influence people8 CdsDale Carnegie99.95
5. Self Mastery6 CdsDick Sutphen109.95
6. The 12 Bad Habits That Hold Good People Back6CdsJames Waldroop79.95
7. The Day that turns your life around 6 CdsJim Rohn79.95
8. Your Secret Wealth 6 CdsJay Abraham79.95
9. Power of Ambition 6 CdsJim Rohn79.95
10. Jim's Weekend Seminar 12 CdsJim Rohn199.95
11. It's Never Crowded Along the Extra Mile 8 CdsWayne Dyer79.95
12. How to Master Your Time 6 CdsBrian Tracy79.95
13. Master Strategies for Higher Achievement6 CdsBrian Tracy79.95
14. Science of Self Confidence 6 CdsBrian Tracy79.95
15. Live with Passion6 CdsTony Robbins79.95
16. Personal Power Classics7 CdsTony Robbins120.95
17. The Strangest Secret 6 CdsEarl Nightingale79.95
18. Balance Your Life 4 CdsTom Hopkins79.95
19. Official Guide to Success 4 CdsTom Hopkins120.95
20. Goals 6 CdsZig Ziglar79.95
21. Developing the Qualities of Success7 CdsZig Ziglar120.95
22. Five Disciplines of Powerful People7 CD'sby John Powers89.95
23. How to Be a No Limit Person 6 audiosby Wayne Dyer69.95
24. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 6 Audios by Stephen Covey59.95
25. Unleash the Power w/in You 6 Cds by Tony Robbins200.00
26. Psychology of Achievement 6 Audios by Brian Tracy59.95
27. See You at the Top 6 Cds by Zig Ziglar59.95
28. Personal Power II24 Cds by Tony Robbins179.95.00
29. Think & Grow Rich6 Audios by Napoleon Hill59.95
30. Lead the Field6 Cdsby Earl Nightingale69.95
31. Unlimited Power6 Audiosby Tony Robbins59.95
32. Power of Purpose6 Cdsby Les Brown79.95
33. Thinking Big6 Cdsby Brian Tracy59.95
34. What Matters Most6 CD's/workbookHyrum Smith79.95
35. Through Fear to Love6 CD'sby Duane O'Kane/Catherine Wyber89.95
36. Jump and the Net Will Appear6 CD's/workbookby Robin Crow89.95
37.The Power of Clarity6 CD'sby Brian Tracy89.95

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