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It's just like a library, you check out 1 title at a time, keep it up to 3 weeks,
ship it back and get another.
We charge you a flat fee per year depending on how many you want to rent per year.

If you're interested in renting 12 titles per year or more through the mail.
(Dvd's, Cd Programs, Audio Cassettes or VHS & Dvd Videos),
we can save you money!!

Some Benefits from our Learning Library

You will learn new ideas to help you in life & in your business.
The information on these learning programs is some ones life
experience and how they became successful.
Great for anyone who wants to continually learn and grow.
The Learning Library is a fantastic wealth of information.
You will learn how to be healthier, happier, more creative, more
successful, & wealthier too.
You will learn success principal that have been around for hundreds
of years that have helped many people get rich,
successful, and happier and the Library will help you too.
I was lucky enough to get to know a lot of my customers And
see the positive changes in them and how the tapes
(Cds) helped them.
I have some great stories about them. Ask me about them any time.
The tapes have personally helped me a lot too.

The Advantages to Renting

1. You only pay the flat fee for the Yearly Rental Memberships.
2. Titles worth $70.00, 100.00, 300.00 or more, counts as one rental.
3. If you decide to buy a title, you get 20% off the regular price,
and one free month added on to your membership at the end for every title you buy.
(the purchased titles are new) 4. If you do not like any title for any reason,
we will not count it as your rental.
5. Orders are shipped within 24 hours.
6. Orders are shipped 1st Class, Media Mail or Priority Mail (2 to 3 days).
7. Phone consultations are free, by Paul Arroyo a Success Coach to help you reach your goals faster.
8. No Late Fees....

Yearly Learning Rental Library - Memberships

Achievers Membership - 12 Titles in 1 year One at a time = Regular $249.00.... Now $99.00
- 12 Shipping for $49.00 in the US -- Total = $148.00

High Achievers Membership - 20 Titles in 1 year Two at a time = Regular $299.00.... Now $199.00
- 10 Shippings $59.00 in the US -- Total = $258.00

For My Past Customers
Special Deal!!

6 Free Rentals, 6 Free Months & 6 Free Shippings

With Any New Yearly Rental Membership!!!


If not happy for any reason, we will not count that title as a rental.
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Your Rental Choices

For the Achievers Membership, for a fast turn-around, give us three choices (titles), and we will send you one.
For the High Achiever Membership, give us six choices (titles), and we will send you two.
For your first rental, just email your choices to me. Or you can call us for a specific title.

If you have any questions...you can call Customer Service at 818-366-7500
ask for Paul or email The Motivating Tape Companyand we'll do our best to help.

We ship within 24 Hours

We can design any Rental Membership to fit Your Needs & Your Budget

We add new titles regularly, recommendation are filled within reason.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


My Story with Tapes/Cds on how they helped me

I was 26 year old, just got married and had a son. So it was time for me to step-up and take care of my family.
I was working as a electronic tech, working for ($12.00 per hour) not making enough money to live the good life for me & my family.
I tried different occupations, but wasn’t happy and not making enough money.
I was never a good reader, so some how I found Earl Nightingale's learning program called "Lead the Field", then it was on 6 audio cassettes.
(I was very lucky to find Earl) It really changed my Life!!
On one of the cassettes was this story called “Acres of Diamonds” by Russell Conwell (1843 – 1925) A wonderful story about gold and
how it was first discovered in California.

I always played tennis, but never thought about making it a career until I heard Earl tell that story to me in “Lead the Field”.
So I started using all the success principal I learn from Lead the Field. I started teaching for free to kids that could not
afford tennis lessons. Within 5 months I was making $45.00 per hour teaching other kids for money, and traveling to Tennis Tournaments
all over Los Angeles and watching my kid beat all the rich kids. Before I knew it, I had a full business teaching tennis to the wealthy.
within 5 years I was making $60,000.00 per year at $90.00 per hour.
Then I started promoting Tennis Tournaments and before I knew it I was making a six figure income per year.
60 of my students got full tennis scholarships all over the United States. My students played #1 for USC, #1 for UCLA ,
after college about 30 of them have become tennis teachers for clubs and colleges all over the united states and made tennis a career.

I used the success principals I learned from Earl Nightingale, Denis Waitley, Jim Rohn, etc and passed on these success principal to my
students and that is why they won so much.

When my tennis career was over because of injuries from playing & teaching tennis so much. I listen to Earl tell me the story of
Acres of Diamonds again. And that's how I decided to get into the motivational business.
I already collected Learning Programs for me to help my tennis students, so I started collecting and selling to the general public.
One of my 1st endives was a trade show, where I sold 20-30 titles. I purchased them from N/C, and had them ship to me.
And I was supposed to ship to my customers but I didn’t know how to ship, so I personally delivered them.

To my amazement, the kind of people that bought these programs had large homes with new cars in the drive ways.
Businesses that took the whole 3rd floor for their employees.
I could not believe this, and wondered why they needed my programs when they were already so successful.
As I got to know them, and they told me why. Most of them said:
"They wanted to keep learning new ideas, so they didn’t have to work so hard, to motivate their employees and
themselves and keep living the good life. They all took at least 3 vacations per year.
The Motivating Tape Company & All my customers and my 4 employees made it possible for me to take 10-15 vacations per year for 15 years.
It was wonderful…many thanks youssss!....all I did was what Zig Ziglar says “Help enough people get what they want, and you will get what you want.”

The personal pictures are from 1990s, my trade show days and when I was just getting started. When the Motivational industry was
just starting to convert from audio cassettes to Cds and Dvds.

For more info about our Yearly Rental Library membership prices and available titles for rent.
Go to http://www.achievementlibrary.com/rentsave$$$.htm or contact me (Paul Arroyo)directley at: 818-366-7500

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More Testimonials

I wanted you to know how grateful I am to have found your wonderful company. I have always been into motivational tapes, but never knew I could rent them. What a great idea! I have been with your company for over 2 years and have been able to listen to thousands of ideas to help my life & my business. The service is very good. If I ever have a question or concern you are always available.

Thanks, Paul.

Patrick Russell, President
East Coast Professional Landscape, Inc.
The Motivating Tape Company
Paul Arroyo

After using your tape library for many years, I want to compliment you on providing such an outstanding service. As a seminar leader delivering workshops on various topics including public speaking, negotiation, and time management, your vast collection of tapes has saved me a tremendous amount to time and money in preparing my programs. Your coaching on which tapes would best fit my objectives, has also been a terrific resource for me. I recommend your service to all my clients to further their individual goals, and to anyone who wants to continually learn and grow.


Ronald A. Kaufman, author “Anatomy of Success”
I have used The Motivating Tape library for almost 6 years. I have had the opportunity to hear great speakers on a vast number or topics. Great experience ( life changing ) the positive information received from these noted authors has allowed me and my family to make changes in relationships and life styles that have has a great positive effect. .

Paul Arroyo has crafted a great organization that has a fantastic wealth of information. I have talked with Paul on many occasions as well as his staffers, they all want to help in any way possible and listen when I have heard of an author or information that is not contained In his library yet. Once again I say Thank You Paul Arroyo for the service and information you offer to me and others.

Yours Truly
Guy Lannis

I am writing this e-mail to tell you what a pleasure it is doing business with your company. The level of service has exceeded all my expectations. Your massive selection of educational/motivational audio programs are unparalleled in the audiobooks industry. The Motivating Tape Company is light years ahead of most company when it comes to the variety of self-help audio programs.

I have been renting audio programs from your company for over a year now. Achievement.com have been prompt and accurate with shipping me the audio programs that I have requested. You answered all my billing and shipping questions in a professional and courteous fashion. Your website has a a well thought out and intuitive interface that enables me to pinpoint the exact audio programs that I want to hear. The audio programs are always in great condition. This shows the level of quality and dedication you put into your company.
Jonathan Lien
Years ago, in a far, far and distance community from where I thoest livest... east los angeles, I met a person who gave me a lift when I desperately needed it. I was going through one of the most difficult times of my life. I felt like a feather in the wind. When I literately walk my self into his life or cubical. With his bubbling personality and demeanor, which was catching, I was mesmerized by this person. Did I ever thank him for coming forth into my life when I was in desperate need? I thinkest not... but now I will... THANKS PAUL!!! Thanks for being there. I appreciate you for what you are. Enough of this... let me get off of my soap box..... Thanks...

Your Bud..
Dave A. Diaz
To the Motivating Tape Company and Paul Arroyo:

Since I have been listening to these wonderful audio programs I have become healthier, happier, more creative, more successful...In fact, my thoughts, emotions, state of being, and the entire quality of my life have improved.

Here is my story:

I had been adventuring and traveling around the world for over twenty years as an anthropologist. Unfortunately, travel in mostly developing countries eventually wreaked havoc on my health and on my quality of life. I became so ill that I no longer had the ability or will to even sit up to read a book. My life had essentially come to a stop, passing me by as I lay in bed, continually seeking medical help but not finding it. I began to get worried and depressed, because I was so sick and I wasn’t getting any better. This was my situation when I discovered The Motivating Tape Company and its creator, Paul Arroyo. I thought, well, even if I can’t sit up, I could at least listen to these audio programs, and put positive ideas into my head.

And it worked… Instead of focusing on my illness and everything that was wrong in my life, I began to focus on everything I wanted in life, and so for me, this program has translated into a dramatic reduction in stress and increased understanding about how to set goals and achieve them... These results are evidenced by my improved health and a new sense of mental, emotional and physical well being. Listening to the many diverse and exciting audios you offer helped me to find a way to improve my health, continue to travel the world, and start an interior design firm which is becoming a HUGE success.

The Motivating Tape Company has helped to create real healing in my life. The experience is wonderful. Paul Arroyo is accessible, helpful and insightful, and has always personally responded to me whenever I had questions or needed special assistance. I urge anyone interested in improving their life to set aside the time to reap the rewards of the incredible mental, emotional, physical and spiritual benefits of this fabulous rental program.

THANK YOU PAUL for your generosity and kindness. I will appreciate you forever.

–––H Douglas, Anthropologist, Interior Designer, Consultant
In 1968 I took a job with Marshall Data Systems, in Torrance, CA. We sold leases on our new brand of computer disk drives, which were designed to replace the IBM drives, on their large commercial data processing systems. The "sale" was simply based on the fact that our drives performed faster, saving the IBM user computer time, and cutting his expenses. Naturally, selling an IBM user on sending his leased drives back to IBM, and replacing them with our Marshall drives on a lease basis, was no easy "sell".

One day, at our weekly sales meeting, our Marketing Manager, Tom Williams passed out a set of three tapes to each each of us, with orders to listen to the tapes over and over, until we had mastered the methods of closing sales. I listened to them daily for weeks, and made reference notes about all of the salient points Edwards made in these tapes. I began using his closing methods daily, and became the top producer in our group of about 10 salesmen who covered the So. California area. I had graduated from college only 7 years earlier, and my bachelor's degree in electrical engineering got me a whole $5500.00 annual salary at my first job with Bendix Computer, after graduation. My career plans called for going from engineering to sales, as soon as I found the right opportunity. That happened in 1963, after three years of engineering employment. Nonetheless, when I took the job at Marshall Data Systems, my annual salary level was still only about $7000.00

After studying the sales tapes, within a year, my commissions had boosted my total salary to about $45,000. I lived in Redondo Beach at the time, and that year I bought my first sailboat, and paid $13,000 for it - cash !

Several years later, in 1974, I successfully founded a company called Computer Power Systems. The product we were manufacturing was sold primarily on the intangible benefits it offered the Data Processing Manager, much like the sale of the Marshall disk drives. So, the success of the sales process was largely due to the selling expertise of our sales force.

I was VP of Marketing, and I introduced our sales people to the J. Douglas Edwards method of closing sales.

We grew the company to about $35 million in annual sales, and sold it to Emerson Electric in 1984. My share of the stock netted me a little over $2 million.

Not much compared to Bill Gates, but it made the rest of my life and my retirement today pretty comfortable, and I have always felt that I became a top notch salesman due to the conversational expertise taught me by Mr. Edwards.

Today, my daughter is just beginning to excel at her career in real estate. She recently told me that she feels a little shy about her conversational skills with her clients. So, I'm giving her a New Years gift, and am purchasing a set of Tom Hopkins CD's which I understand are based on the Edwards conversational selling and closing methods.

Norm Conwill
Bonsall Ca.

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