Second Effort by Vince Lombardi- Dvd

What does it take to be #1? That Second Effort

Some say he was the greatest motivational speaker of all time...Now you can see for yourself in this classic video. Vince Lombardi stars in one of the finest and most powerful sales motivation films ever made. Second Effort was produced in 1968-right after Lomardi led the packers to their second straight AFL-NFL World Championship. Lombardi teaches a young salesman the five principles of a successful football player-and how to apply those " winning fundamentals" to sales success.

The Coach's ingredients for success include:

Mental Toughness
Control of the ball.
Fatigue makes cowards of us all.
Operate on Lombardi time.
Make that second effort.

A timeless lesson in how to reach your goals, this motivational film let's Lombardi speak for himself. And, along the way, he reveals the methods and secrets that helped his under dog team achieve it's full record breaking potential. See for yourself the Lombardi principles will train and motivate your sales team to make that second effort!!!

Second Effort - 1 Dvd vintage video
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