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A great way to reach the top

Zig Zigler is the master motivator! He's been called the man who helped turn selling into a profession to be proud of. In this exciting video seminar, before an enthusiastic and inspired live audience.

Zig Zigler tell's you:

How to relate best to your customer.
The importance of servicing your accounts.
The importance of maintaining a positive attitude.
Why selling is a stepping stone to upper management.
Why if you're good at selling, it's the most secure job you'll ever find.

There's no body that can make a career in selling sound better than Zig Zigler. That's because he sincerely believes in his product. When he tells you it's the best career known to man, it's because he really believes it.

But he doesn't expect you to accept his beliefs without reservations, so he goes out of his way to prove his case on this videocassette-not only to you-but his live audience as well.

Zigler is a master at motivational speaker. So good, in fact that he's hopscotched across the country for 18 years, traveled more than three million miles, and has grown from a one-man show to the Zig Zigler Corp. He's the author/narrator of he N-C audiocassette album See You at the Top. More than 1,500,000 copies of the book of the same title are in print, and it has been translated into Spanish, French and Korean.

Zig Zigler has been featured in The New York Times and has appeared on "The Today Show", "The Tomorrow Show", "The Hour of Power", "20/20", "60 Minutes" and The Phil Donahue TV shows.

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