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Up Dated on January 6, 2012/September 26, 2015

1. Digital Science of Self-Confidence6 Cd'sby Brian Tracy239.95
1. Psychology of Winning6 audiosby Denis Waitley$69.95
2. Psychology of Winning6 cd'sby Denis Waitley$79.95
3. Being the Best6 Audiosby Denis Waitley59.95
4. Pyramid of Success5 Audio by Wooden/Harrick59.95
5. Pyramid of Success ProgramVideo by John Wooden99.95
6. Power of Positive Thinking6 Audiosby Norman Vincent Peale59.95
7. Power of Visualization6 Audios/WBby Lee Pulos59.95
8. Winning Self-Esteem1 Videoby Denis Waitley59.95
9. How to Be a Winner1 Videoby Zig Ziglar69.95
10. Achievement in Action1 Videoby Brian Tracy59.95
11. Mental Toughness Training6 Audiosby Loehr/McLaughlin69.95
12. The Performer's Edge6 Audios/WBby Ed Strachar79.95
13. Science of Self-Confidence6 Audiosby Brian Tracy59.95
15. In the Zone1 Videoby Mitchell Perry195.00
16. You Got to Be Hungry1 Videoby Les Brown69.95
17. Thinking Big6 Audiosby Brian Tracy59.95
18. Tapping Your Inner Passion6 Audiosby Alan Loy McGinnis59.95
19. New Dynamics of Winning6 Audiosby Denis Waitley59.95
20. New Dynamics of Winning6 Cd'sby Denis Waitley79.95
21. It's Possible1 Videoby Les Brown69.95
22. New PsychoCybernetics6 Audios/1 Videoby Kennedy/Maltz79.95
23. Keeping the Drive Alive!1 Videoby Les Brown495.95
24. Maximum Performance1 Videoby Brian Tracy98.95
25. Peak Performance Thinking1 Video(30 min)by Brian Tracy99.95
26. Peak Performance6 audiosby Charles garfieldR/O
27. Awaken the Winner Within6 audiosby Omar Periu129.95

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