How to Stay Motivated - 3 Volumes (18 Cd's total)

by Zig Zigler

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Questions--You Should Answer!

Why! Should you buy this course?
What! Are you going to do with it?
When! Are you going to use it?
Where! Will you "take" the course?
How! will you reap maximum benefits?

Would You Believe That I am just as concerned--possibly even more concerned--than you are that you get your money's worth--and then some--from the course. The reasons are simple. First I truly enjoy watching people grow and develope. Thousands of unsolicited letters attest to the fact that the "Zigmanship" philosophy works. The second reason is expressed through out the course. You can get everything in life you want, if you help enough people get what they want. I am convinced that if you properly use the course your benefits will be tremendous. I say this with considerable confidence because I serve as a reporter bringing you the knowledge of some of the most brilliant people in our country as well as some of the teachings of the Holy Bible. Additionally I have personally field tested the philsosphy, procedures and techniques for 34 years, and can positively state that they will work--if you will.

Volume I
Qualities of success

The three stages of becoming a winner:
1. Planning to win. 2. Preparing to win. 3. Expecting to win.
Discipline yourself to do the things you need to do.
Maintain a positive attitude.
Understand why failure is an event and not a person.

Volume II
Changing the Picture

Differentiate between being a Responder and a Reactor.
Identify and correct self-image problems.
Apply ten steps to developing winning relationships.
Change your picture, and change every facet of your life.

Volume III
The Goals Program

Ask five critical questions to qualify your goals.
Model Zig's 7 step formula for setting and reaching goals.
Discover opportunities and learn to seize them.
Discipline yourself to work on your goals daily.

Performance Planner

The key to your success is directed ACTION, which always follows the self-imposed discipline this Performance Planner is designed to create. You can make your future more exciting by using your Performance Planner every day to maintain that discipline and stay on track to reach your goals. The soft leatherette cover allows for easy travel and storing in a small briefcase or purse. Also, improved page layout allows more space between daily entries.

"Once you've established the goals you want and the price you're willing to pay, you can ignore the minor hurts, the opponent's pressure, and the temporary setbacks." - Vince Lombardi

The Performance Planner Features:

Goal Achievement Formula Charts - Seven Steps to Success
Weekly Activity Record - Personal Performance Record & Your Daily Objectives and Activities Diary
Important Meetings and Projects Journal - A Permanent Record of Notes, Thoughts and Action Ideas
Monthly Activity Record - Appointments and Priority Activities

With the Performance Planner and our exclusive goals-setting and tracking system, you can focus your time and energy on top priorities, which lead to the realization of your business and personal goals. Become a winner. Set and record your goals today.

***Pages are not dated automatically but can be by the user

How To Stay Motivated all 3 Volumes (total 18 Cd's) & Performance Planner

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