Thinking Big!!

The keys to Personal Power
and Maximum Performance

Listen to Brian Tracy "1 Minute Mono Sample"
Every successful person knows that the keys to achievement are conscious effort, careful planning, and good old-fashioned hard work. But on the road of success, there is one habit that will accelerate you beyond all others. If you want to stay ahead of the pack,you've got to start thinking big. In Thinking Big, world famous success expert Brian Tracy will take you beyond the limits of everyday thought, where you will tap into the vast resources of your mind and unlock unlimited potential.

In this phenomenal program, you'll learn how to:

Recognize the 7 critical success factors.
Develope the mindpower of a genius.
Market yourself in the competive workplace.
Harness the amazing powers of the subconsious mind for higher levels.
Use the 10 forms of intelligence to maximize your creative abilities.
Identify your unique abilites and talents-and use them to create a fortune.
Program yourself with the 4 mental laws of success.
And much more.
By thinking big, you'll become so confident, determined, and presistent, that you can achieve any goal-and nothing or no one will be able to slow you down or alter your course.

Thinking Big - 6 CD Program

6 Cd's..........$79.95 us$
Shipping in the USA = $8.00 us$

If you have any can call 818-366-7500 ask for Paul or email The Motivating Tape Company

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