Turning Internet Leads into Sales DVD

Tom Hopkins

Turning Internet Leads into Sales DVD

Your Competition Hopes You Never See This!

“Secrets of How to Generate More Results from Lead Inquiries … How to Properly Follow-up on Them … and How to Persuade Them to Hear Your Sales Presentation”

You’re about to discover follow-up secrets that few salespeople will ever know but it could make all the difference to your income!

Hello, Champion,

You could have absolute mastery of 25 different closing techniques …

You could have irresistible powers of persuasion that slice through objections like a warm knife through butter …

You could be selling the greatest invention since sliced bread …

Turning Internet Leads Into Sales DVD

But it’s all a moot point … if you can’t get in front of enough people to give your presentation to! It’s an undeniable fact. The amount of fees you earn is directly proportional to the amount of sales presentations you’re delivering each week. Want to substantially increase your income?

Then start getting in front of more warm bodies! But how do you get in touch with your leads generated online and persuade them to entertain your presentation? How many times should you follow-up with potential clients? And what’s the best way to follow up with them?

Those questions and many more are answered in my new 25-minute training DVD titled, “Turning Internet Leads into Sales Dollars”. This training program fills in the gaps and gives you the ability to pack your week to the hilt with presentations. Once you’re able to schedule in many more presentations than you are now – that means you stand to make more money!

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn in this dynamic program

Discover what the 2 biggest complaints are from potential clients who request information through an online lead generation offer (See why this is so important to know)

How to make potential clients curious enough to move up through your sales funnel

The white lie that people aren’t telling you! Don’t fall for this mistake.

Why it’s important to find out from each one of your leads exactly how they prefer to be contacted

The 222-word follow up email you can send to online leads to build trust and initiate the sales dance

If you don’t hear from a potential client after you’ve contacted him, how and when should you follow up? Here’s the answer based on thousands of sales situations

What we’ve uncovered: How often you should keep in touch with potential clients who aren’t ready to meet yet

Why people who don’t buy today, may become your clients in the future and how to push the odds in your favor so this happens

How to handle flighty leads that hide behind voicemail and email

The easiest way we’ve found to build trust with potential clients – works like a charm

Once you make contact with your leads, here’s a 21-word sentence you can say to get them to agree to a presentation

How to make people think they’re in control when you’re actually in control

A 94-word boiler-plate voicemail message you can use to increase the probability that people call you back

How to use direct mail to secure sales presentations with potential clients

How the wizards of Madison Avenue make their direct mail irresistible and how you can leverage this technique to score presentation confirmations

How to mix up follow up calls, and direct mail for maximum effect

The FYI mailing technique that penetrates the resistance of even the most stubborn people so they’ll meet with you

Plus you’ll discover much more!

Every day you’re without this vital information is likely costing you in lost income and opportunity. It would be a shame if you could make so much more money than you currently are, but never did. If you’ve felt you weren’t giving enough presentations per week, if you’ve ever felt this step of the sales process was a weak link for you, then this program will change your life.

You’ll be happy to know this game-changing DVD, “Turning Internet Leads into Sales Dollars,” is only $125. That amounts to just 34 cents a day. As you’ll soon see, this will prove to be a wise investment in your career.

In just one lesson, you’ll be light years ahead of the pack. That’s why I’m absolutely confident you’ll see your income bump up … perhaps substantially. In the least, you’ll likely outperform your competitors by considerable margins.

Wishing you greatness in selling,

Tom Hopkins

P.S. “Turning Internet Leads into Sales Dollars” comes with our 90-day, risk-free guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied this 25-minute training DVD will improve your sales game then just return it at any time within the next 90 days and we’ll promptly refund your money. No questions asked!

P.P.S. “Turning Internet Leads into Sales Dollars” is brand new. It just arrived in our warehouse and is ready to ship. We’re convinced this particular title will be a big hit with our list, so grab your copy now.

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