"When Buyers Say No"
by Tom Hopkins/Ben Katt

Strategies for Keeping Sales Alive After Buyers Say "No" or "Not Today"

Sooner or later, every salesperson hears something like this: "Well, Jim, that new equipment you showed me sure is nice, but unfortunately I'm just going to have to say, no." What you do and say when you hear something like that directly impacts your bottom line—your personal income.

Average salespeople will thank the buyer for their time, get permission to re-contact them at a future date, and pack up their materials. Mentally, they will start thinking about what they'll have for lunch and the next phone call or sales call that's on their calendar. And they walk away leaving a potential client primed for the next salesperson who is better trained.

A "No" is Not a Stop Sign!
It's a fork in the road.

When you arm yourself with the strategies and tactics in this book, you will:
Understand how your closing question impacted the buyer
Move into re-establishing rapport with the simplest of phrases
Keep the sales conversation moving forward
Ask deeper questions about what is causing the buyer to stall
Re-present key points
Address the real final concerns
Reach a point where you can ask for the sale again
Successfully negotiate a myriad of aspects of the sale that lead back to a commitment from the buyer – a closed sale

End your frustration.
Increase your closing ratio.
Earn a higher income in sales.

As with all of Tom Hopkins' training, there is no pushy selling. There is no hype...no false promises will ever be made to buyers. Instead, you implement a proven-effective, systematic approach to closing sales after hearing the initial "no" or even after hearing 5 or 6 "no's" and close more sales.

For this book, Tom Hopkins has joined forces with corporate trainer, Ben Katt. Both men have invested countless hours studying the subject of selling, developing sales strategies, and training others. You benefit by their combined efforts by gaining a simple, yet unbelievably powerful visual image of exactly where you are at every stage of the sales process and what you should do or say. This image is called "The Circle of Persuasion," and once you see it and understand it, you'll never become 'lost in the sale' ever again.

The Circle of Persuasion will help you to stay on the path toward a closed sale no matter where your buyer tries to take you.

Sales experts Hopkins (How to Master the Art of Selling) and Katt believe that "no" is just a starting point to getting to "yes". Rather than accepting rejection, the authors advise that salespeople anticipate hearing rejections and prepare to deflect negative feelings. In this useful and insightful book, they build on two key points: not giving up too soon and understanding that there is no cookie-cutter approach to making a sale. The authors show how to expand the number of possible responses to "no" and guide readers through the pitfalls of selling, including dealing with confused consumers, providing too much information, and not demonstrating your level of competence. Hopkins and Katt spend the bulk of their time on the "Circle of Persuasion"—a roadmap that helps readers master the four basic activities that produce the biggest results: establishing rapport, identifying needs, presenting solutions, and asking closing questions. Each chapter helpfully ends with a list of key points. In this vital sales industry title, the authors show that it’s how salespeople respond to rejection that determines if a sale is made.
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Iron clad 60-Day Results Guarantee

If Ben and Tom's time-proven Circle of Persuasion® doesn't help you close more sales, take the stress out of selling, and stack up your earnings … then return the book within 60 days and you'll receive a prompt and courteous refund minus shipping and handling.

It's that simple. However, we’re confident once you dive in, and see these never-before-publicly-taught techniques, you'll absolutely never want to part with this system. It's like finding hidden treasure. You'll understand what we mean once you see it. Oh, and you'll love being the envy of the other sales pros in your company as you sail to top performer status.

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